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Unsecured Loans

Loans amount up to EGP 3000000
Flexible loans repayment period from 6 months up to 84 months.
Free life insurance coverage
“Top-up” program after 6 month of loans booking.
“Buy-Out” program and benefit from Longer
Repayment conditions and lower monthly payments.
Competitive decreasing Interest Rate.
Rapid decision for your loans.
2 days Cash disbursement.

Documents Required

Valid National ID copy
Signed application form with terms & conditions.
Original utility bill not more than 3 months old excluding the current month OR copy of driver license (Bearing original seen or true copy stamp), OR copy of car license.
Six months Recent Bank statement from AWB or any other Bank.
Recent commercial register ( Issue date not more than Six Months ).

Documents Required

Unlock the power of your investments with a secured loan.
Enjoy the convenience of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment.
Financing up to 95% of the collateral value
2 hours Cash disbursement