As a Pan-African group, Attijariwafa bank is aware of the social, corporate and environmental challenges witnessed at the regional level and aims to address them on a daily basis by placing responsible finance at the heart of its strategy.

Attijariwafa bank Egypt confronts the challenges of sustainable development identified throughout its value chain by leading a CSR policy for the benefit of all its stakeholders. Its CSR approach is the fruit of shared values: Leadership, Commitment, Solidarity, Ethics, Citizenship, and revolves around 4 axes and 10 strategic commitments.

The 4 axes are:

  • Accompanying the development of a sustainable economy
  • Respecting the environment and combating climate change
  • Engaging with communities and civil society
  • Fostering ethics in business and in relationship with employees and suppliers

The 10 strategic commitments:

  • Finance the real economy
  • Allow access to financial and banking sector for all
  • Establish a lasting and trustful relationship with customers
  • Reduce the groups’ environmental impact
  • Accompany green growth
  • Ensure the integrity, loyalty and transparency at all company levels
  • Improve living conditions of employees
  • Adopt responsible purchasing practices
  • Promote the well-being and development of communities
  • Strengthen exchange with civil society

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Please contact our CSR team via email CSR@attijariwafa.com.eg