Career Overview


Human Capital is our Asset, we value our employees and are committed to personal and professional development by providing the best opportunities and training to help them reach their full potential.

Retail Credit MIS Manager
Full Time

Job Purpose
• Development and generation of the retail credit reports and analysis that cover the retail credit life cycle and regulatory risk requirements. Support policy team to design strategies and sourcing criteria for existing and new retail credit products and activities. Support other units namely Collections, Finance, and Business teams with relevant and timely reports for Retail Risk reporting and Cross sell opportunities.
Main accountabilities and approximate time split:
Credit Life Cycle Reporting
Time Split 20% • Develop MI cubes with sufficient data required to monitor the retail lending portfolio across different stages : Through the door analysis, vintage delinquency, portfolio delinquency & recoveries
• Develop portfolio pivots that support the Policy team in carrying out detailed segment level performance reviews
• Complete monthly & quarterly risk reporting requirements to CBE, Finance & Group Risk
Impairment & Forecasting
Time Split 25% • Build loss forecasting methodologies for Retail business, calculate impairments & risk indicators based on given models
• Update & monitor the Retail PD & LGD based on models approved by Group Risk
• Provide required annual review packs to Group risk for the impairment PD & LGD models
• Generate the monthly list of accounts eligible for write off for both cards & loans.
• Participate in the different forecasting exercises : Weekly flash, monthly collections targets setting, STP & RAF
Credit Scoring
Time Split 5% • Act as a primary back up handling the scoring related functions in case of scoring Manager absence
Monitoring & control
Time Split 15% • Maintains data integrity by reconciling MI and figures against independent sources
• Evaluate the performance of champion/challenger strategies designed to maximize value through manipulation of credit limits, authorization control and risk-based pricing, among others
• Complete and update the team manuals with existing and new report specification and definitions.
Line Management
Time Split 20% • Develop & enhance monthly pre-approved lists for loans sourcing, cards installments & cards automatic limit increase / decrease programs.
Process Enhancement
Time Split 20% • Continuously challenge & improve the methods used for data extraction & manipulation to optimize risk reporting
• Design the validation and integrity check process in order to avoid any reporting error.
Staff Management
Time Split 5% • Review individual performance against agreed objectives (self).
• Develop and agree individual performance standards and targets (self).
• Explore new improved and alternative ways of doing business, transfer the know-how to others in the department to make them the new departmental standards.
• Identify own training and development needs and recommend plans to satisfy those needs.
Technical skills / Competencies
• Extensive knowledge in data management and analysis of Retail Banking
• Advanced knowledge of financial and economic principals, present value and break-even analysis
• Excellent numerical, analytical and statistical skills
• Intermediate SAS programmer, able to work fluently with various large data sets
• Excellent Computer skills
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
Knowledge, Qualifications/ Experience:
• Advanced knowledge of business drivers and issues in an unsecured lending business
• Wide-ranging Retail Banking knowledge
• Minimum 4 years of retail risk management experience
• Degree in Management Information System, statistics or Finance

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Sales Manager
Full Time
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Internal Communications Manager
Full Time

Job Purpose:
 To manage high quality, innovative, creative and best practice communication channels.
 To manage the development, production, delivery, maintenance and evaluation of high quality communication programs, within agreed time lines and within budget.
 To support the Corporate Communications Manager to manage the day-to-day in-country agency relationships and outputs.
 To assist Corporate Communications Manager in budget/cost center management.
 To support in internal events.
Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Internal Communication:
Time Split:  Provide support communication channels innovation, creativity and development.
 Support Corporate Communications Manager in deploying the comms channels to serve the IC strategy and plans and support business objectives.
 Implement channel strategies and plans that support the delivery of internal communication objectives.
 Work with colleagues across business functions to ensure that all content is integrated within messages; brand, accurate and tailored appropriately to the business needs, target audiences and channels to be used.
 Assist in producing messages that have a high impact with audiences and enables them to access and understand key points in their broader business context and in terms of what this means for them.
 Manage day-to-day production and delivery of all types of internal communication channels that reach diverse audiences across the bank.
 Assist in devising the Channels Management plans and the selection of the appropriate mix of new tactics that are accessible and credible to target audiences for specific messages.
 Champion schedules and traffic management of all communications channels.
 Ensure the effective distribution of a scheduled of communications to support key planned business calendar events, activities and announcements and of ad hoc unplanned and/or business critical communication.

Technical skills / Competencies
Role Specific:
• Developing and managing strong business and stakeholder relationships including vendor management
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Strong team working skills, ability to operate effectively in a “virtual” team working environment
• Strong project management, organisation and co-ordination skills
• Strong planning, budgeting and strategy formulation experience
• Business and organisational understanding
• Creativity / Innovation
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
• Track record of advising and dealing at Senior Executive level on communication issues
• Proven ability to manage various activities / projects at the same time, whilst delivering quality work within stringent timelines
• Experience in event planning
• Corporate/Organisational communication
• The candidate will have experience of working within the banking industry
• Project Management Emotional Intelligence

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Balance Sheet Manager
Full Time

Job Purpose
Reporting to the Head of Treasury Balance Sheet Management, AWB Egypt. This role is responsible for:
• Reporting on risk and results, as well as to provide a source of information to the management with regard to Funding Plan, Transfer Pricing, Liquidity and Capital.
• Prepare ALCO documents and ensure members approvals are obtained when necessary.
• Prepare and review all risk reports related to Treasury Balance Sheet Management prior to submission to internal/external stakeholders.
• Assist Head of Treasury Balance Sheet Management in the NPA process.
Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Liquidity and Funding
25% • Create channels between Treasury and the businesses to effectively manage the bank’s cash flow in local and foreign currencies in a way to maximize bank’s resources while meeting regulatory requirements, as well as achieving bank’s strategy in liquidity management.
• Play pivot role within Treasury Balance Sheet and Treasury Execution teams to maximize bank’s returns from surplus liquidity in local and foreign currencies by maintaining healthy and ongoing discussions with all Treasury front office desks in a way that influence others to meet bank’s liquidity strategy.
• Provide complete analysis with full recommendations on the bank’s liquidity and funding plan to support businesses STP within the Central Bank of Egypt regulations and in line with the bank’s liquidity guidelines.
• Conduct behavioural analysis periodically to all balance sheet products to identify liquidity assumptions and to ensure fairness liquidity pricing to the businesses.
• Work in conjunction with product specialists to understand the implications of new and existing products on the balance sheets from the Fund Transfer Pricing and Liquidity perspective.
• Integrate and proactively communicate with Finance in the STP/MTP/RAF process, using personal skills to influence budgeting decisions and ensure bank’s strategy is supported from liquidity perspective.
ALM and Funds Transfer Pricing
• Analyse competitors’ financial products that provided to Corporate and Retail clients and proactively recommend products and its pricing to the Head of Balance Sheet Management to stimulate balance sheet growth.
• Make investment recommendations to the Head of Balance Sheet Management for the AFS portfolio in a way that meet regulatory requirements, maintain liquidity, and optimize the bank’s income.
• Conduct regression analysis to all balance sheet products to identify structural hedge assumptions and to ensure that the businesses are hedged against changes in interest rates in line with the bank’s Structural Hedge policy.
• Review products profiles to ensure that all products are priced to the market by having on going communications and discussions with the businesses to understand the market development and the customers’ needs, and being able to listen to the businesses rational and challenge them to ensure that products’ profiles are fairly reflected in the FTP process.
• Ensure FTP rates are aligned to interest rate and liquidity behaviour profiles.
• Perform detailed analysis to the ALM income drivers to assist head of Balance Sheet Management taking investment decisions and for the balance sheet
• Co-ordination of actions arising from the ALCO meetings with feedback at subsequent reforms.

25% Capital Management
• Calculate RoE and challenge RoRWA with Corporate team to optimize RoE
• Calculate CoE and make proposals to ALCO and the Board for approvals citing the rational of the calculation and be able to answer and address all queries to all stakeholders.
• Capital plans - Forecast regulatory and economic capital demand & supply across business units over the 3-year planning horizon by utilizing financial of information
• Being responsible for ICCAP delivery by acting as Treasury representative in the process through direct involvement with Finance and Risk and other relevant department
• Represent Treasury in the implementation of Basel accords with other departments to ensure that all regulatory requirements are implemented and/or addressed.
25% ALCO process

• Timely production of the monthly ALCO pack to the required standards
• Collect ALCO submissions from different departments and challenge them on what should be presented to ALCO and what is not relevant.
• Identify items required ALCO approvals and items required notifications
• Secretariat support to ensure ALCO is scheduled as pert the terms of reference and ensure that quorum is always available.
Technical skills / Competencies
• Excellent communication skills and ability to exchange complex information with different stakeholders from different businesses backgrounds
• Able to transfer knowledge to junior team members by coaching them and able to exchange knowledge with other Treasury desks
• High level of analytical skills to deal with large amount of data and utilize these data in recommendations and in the decision making process
• Ability to challenge at all levels and not be easily influenced
• Business awareness- Should understand the drivers of the profit and loss through different Treasury products such as money market, available-for-sale portfolio, held-for trading portfolio and foreign exchange, Risk Management Products and any new products.
• Problem solving and drive for results with collaboration with other team members to make one collective decision

Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
• Background in treasury/financial risk
• Understanding of the balance sheet items, and understanding of the main drivers of funding and liquidity
• Background in Fund Transfer Pricing and its applications to the businesses and Treasury
• Excellent in analysing and presenting data and ability to present to senior stakeholders.
• Unique understanding of the Egypt interbank market, CBE regulations, policies and CBE disposition towards interbank market
• Ability to handle several tasks concurrently
Experience & Qualifications
The job requires full knowledge of various Treasury products (FX, MM, Derivatives and Fixed income) and understanding of Corporate, Business Banking and Retail businesses.
• Knowledge/practice experience of Treasury systems.
• Regulatory and Head Office reporting requirements.
• Good communication skills.
• Treasury/banking qualification.
• ACI accreditation.

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IT Audit Senior Manager

Key Accountability: Leading Audits Time Split: 50 % • Participate in updating the related Auditable Entities.
• Lead the update of the related IT Auditable Entities periodically and set the IT Audit plan.
• Lead all IT Audit Missions in different stages, starting by assessment of risks and controls within planning and scoping phase.
• Lead testing during Audit Field work and maintain the necessary quality and evidences including evaluation of the design and operating effectiveness of controls within IT.
• Lead Exit/validation or interim meetings with different stakeholders to update them with the identified risks and the proposed recommendations. In addition, update the Chief Internal Auditor and the audit team with the progress of the Audit and its related findings.
• Write high quality audit reports including recommendations to permanently mitigate the identified risks and make the necessary follow up on the implementation of the Audit recommendations.
• Continuously improve the efficiency of work through building IT Audit skills within the Internal Audit team in order to cover the IT related Risks.
• Capitalize on the opportunities given by the core Banking Systems/Database to install proactive remote Continuous Auditing within Internal Audit through understanding the database tables, and extraction of reports for respective internal audits to be used for Automated Auditing/ Data Analytics.
• Proactively take on additional tasks as requested by the respective Line Manager/ Chief Internal Auditor
Stakeholder Management and Leadership
Time Split: 20% • Build strong relationships and mutual trust with all colleagues in Internal Audit and across AWB Subsidiaries.
• Build independent and respected relationships with other stakeholders (other assurance providers, Internal Control Unit, External Auditors, Investigation unit, Audit Group General and Central Bank of Egypt)
Time Split: 10% • Own and drive personal learning to support achievement of career aspirations and team effectiveness.
• Share knowledge with Internal Audit colleagues and peers in the business. Be open to learn from others through feedback given to you.
• Treat all colleagues fairly, regardless of background or circumstance.
• Be comfortable to challenge others; be prepared to be challenged.
Decision-making and Problem Solving:
Time Split: 20 % • Take into account reputation of Attijariwafa Bank Egypt at all times, through positive interactions and following policies and processes.
• Sets an example and supports fair and ethical behavior in all colleagues.
• Make sure colleagues are equipped to be able to protect our reputation at all times.
• Challenge others where appropriate, if you believe self to be correct.
• Makes decisions on a broad range of factors, with AWB values at heart.
Technical skills / Competencies
• Audit techniques
• Good organization and co-ordination skills
• Relational Ease
• Cooperation
• Effective Listening
• Self-Control
• Customer Centric
• Persuasion
• Animation/Coaching
• Development of Competencies
• Management of Projects
• Self-Motivated.
• Conflict resolution.
• Skill in presenting findings and recommendations for improvement
• Proven track record of high performance in previous roles.
• Desire to develop and progress career aspirations.
• Experience of flexing and adapting style to meet the needs of others.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• Stakeholder Management
• Investigation / Interviewing skills
• Planning Skills
• Understanding of key risks and potential mitigation
• Excellent oral and written communications skills
• Report Writing Skills
• Risk identification and loss-causal analysis
• Problem solving and Analysis.
• Team Work Oriented
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience

• Strong level of written and oral Arabic and English
• Minimum 10 years of IT Audit (either Internal or External Audit).
• A graduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field.
• Understanding risk based auditing or risk/control activities and technical knowledge in the IT related Risks.
• Relevant Professional qualifications (e.g. Certified Information System Auditor « CISA »)
• Data Analytics experience (SQL, Idea, ACL, Excel).
• Practical understanding of relevant regulatory environment.
• Advanced Microsoft Office experience.
• Graduated from French University or have a Strong level of written and oral French.
• Financial services industry knowledge including knowledge about new and emerging financial products and services.
• Knowledge of similar IT environment.

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Money Laundry Reporting Officer- Compliance
Full Time

Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Accountability: Time Split: 70% • Maintain a consistent operating framework for the identification, management, monitoring and reporting of country financial crime compliance risks and issues.
• Responsible for Financial Crime second line of defence oversight in country to meet Group, internal and statutory requirements in line with Group Financial Crime Policies and Standards relating to :
o AML (including KYC, CDD and EDD standards and PEP oversight)
o Sanctions
o Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption
o Introducers
• Maintain close working relationships with business heads and other functions to ensure support for the Financial Crime Compliance framework.
• Advice, guidance and reporting
• Deliver valued advice and guidance to management on all financial crime compliance issues.
• Deliver an appropriate review mechanism to assess reputational risk before it is assumed.
• Keep the Head of Compliance, and other executives informed on financial crime compliance matters that may pose regulatory, financial or reputational risks for the organisation.

Accountability: Time Split: 30% Team Leadership :
• Maintaining a highly motivated team and setting challenging and stretching objectives for all individuals within the team.
• Ensuring effective performance management, development and succession planning for the team.
Technical skills / Competencies
• Knowledge of Prevention of Financial Crime : Good understanding of global standards of best practice in tackling money laundering, terrorist financing, proceeds of crime, bribery and corruption and other financial crime.
• Regulatory experience : Experience gained in either a retail or commercial banking environment.
• Effective communication : Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with senior internal and external audiences.
• Intellectual and analytical skills of a high order : Ideally a graduate with a professional qualification.
• Planning and organizing : Demonstrated ability to organize own team to deliver all assigned tasks on time.
• Leadership & Interpersonal sensitivity : Strong leadership skills with a proven track record of success in leading a high performance team.
• Action & Result orientation : Ability to deliver results effectively.
• Resilience & Influencing : Ability to influence senior management.
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
• Excellent knowledge of regulatory requirements and expectations relating to AML/KYC/Sanctions/ABC
• Excellent knowledge of retail and corporate banking products and services
• Specialist knowledge of the Group AML / Sanctions / ABC / Introducer Policies, Standards and procedures
• Excellent knowledge of best practice risk and control frameworks

• University Graduate
• Professional qualification in relevant field (Financial Crime, Compliance, Risk, Governance, Audit).
• Financial Crime / Compliance / Audit / Risk experience : 8 years and above
• Management experience : 8 years and above
• Banking / Financial Services experience : 10 years and above

• Project management and project coordination skills
• Proficiency in reviewing and writing instruction / procedure manuals and training material
• Excellent knowledge of MS Office, comfortable with numbers, MIS

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Head of Regulators Affairs – Compliance
Full Time

Job Purpose
Act as Compliance Officer for the business. Reporting all compliance issues to the managing Director, ICC, and CEC. Implementing and maintaining compliance risk management processes and methodology in country. Provide support to line management in country to ensure the business complies with regulatory requirements, as provided for in legislation, in order to mitigate exposure and risk, as well as any loss, monetary and reputational, by providing specialist support to
Management in identifying risk, compiling risk management plans, providing the appropriate advice and monitoring levels of compliance.
Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Operational duties - 70%
• Identification and measurement of compliance risks to indicate the compliance risk to management through Compliance Risk Profile workshops.
• Compile and adhere to annual coverage plan based on compliance risks identified
• Compile Risk Management Plans for all high risk compliance requirements
• Enhance and promote a compliance culture and awareness
• Achieve the compliance coverage plan as contracted with the Head of Compliance
• Advise business on compliance issues and providing of compliance opinions
• Implement, embed and monitor compliance policies, processes and methodology in the business operations.
• Create and build compliance presence in the business
• Participate in the new product initiative process by reviewing new product proposals for compliance against local regulatory requirements and providing the Head of Compliance with a report on these requirements
• Ensure that business addresses concerns raised by the Regulator / delivers on commitments made to the Regulator
• Implement and comply with BIA Audit recommendations
• Follow up on any compliance related findings or action items
• Facilitate the regulatory change process in the business
• Advise business on any changes in set standards/ local requirements (throughout the year)
• Identify business impact for new regulatory requirements and escalate upwards as necessary
• Provide clear, accurate and timely responses to AWB Group Compliance and Compliance Director requests and requests from management for input on new initiatives and projects thereby providing a superior service which protects and enhance reputation of compliance function.
• Act as point of contact between business and the Regulators.
Reporting - 20%
• Manage the full reporting process, findings and appropriate recommendations for improvements as required.
• Provide Management and Compliance Director with quantitative and qualitative reports on progress achieved to coverage plan
• Deal appropriately with compliance issues and escalate issues in an appropriate manner to the relevant persons.
• Maintain a formal record of minutes of all meetings held (by the compliance officer or business) with the Regulator
• Produce quality reports with issues identified with supported business focused recommendations, and submit to senior management and Compliance Director.
• Complete compliance returns and regulatory change report (monthly).
Stakeholder Relations: 10% • Effectively manage in country regulatory relationships.
• Deliver valued and value-for-money advice and guidance to management on all compliance issues.
• Keep the Compliance Director informed on compliance matters which may pose financial or reputational risks for the business.
• Attend relevant in country meetings, and assist forums in identifying and comprehending the regulatory compliance risks
• Ensure timeous provision of information to Regulators
• Communicate regulatory issues/concerns with internal stakeholders and line management
• Develop and implement program of regular meetings with internal stakeholders (quarterly formal meetings)
• Assist business to draft correspondence and presentations to the Regulator.
• Ensure to always improve on communications with business through innovative thinking and approaches in line with business expectations.
Technical skills / Competencies
• Intellectual and analytical skills of a high order. He/she is likely to be a graduate and / or have a professional qualification.
• The strength of character, credibility and personal presence and the communication skills to operate confidently and effectively at senior levels both internally and externally.
• The flexibility to appreciate the commercial objectives of the business, coupled with an ability to challenge, independently and constructively, senior management, peers or other staff where appropriate, to insist upon adherence to the highest standards of business practice and to the requirements of relevant authorities. Tact and sensitivity as well as strength and authority are important
• Ability to use initiative and work with minimum supervision but ensuring, at the same time, that the line reports are kept fully informed at all times.
• Ability to consider issues from a range of angles and propose creative solutions that assist the business in achieving its goals in a safe, compliant and controlled manner.
• Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with senior internal and external audiences – to educate, persuade, negotiate, gain decisions, enforce.
• Ability to influence senior management.
• Ability to make real contribution in a rapidly changing environment and thrive on change and the need to learn rapidly.
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
• Wide-ranging compliance experience in a financial services environment.
• Good understanding of current and anticipated regional (relevant to country) requirements and supervisory expectations.
• Experience in policy setting & roll out.
• Minimum of 3 year experience in compliance, preferably with an international exposure.
• He/she to be a graduate and have a professional qualification
• Ensure all relevant AWB compliance policies and procedures are rolled out and embedded across the business.
• Support AWB Egypt in implementing of a risk based approach to compliance
• Assist AWB businesses in their development of compliance monitoring and review programs, and ensure robust delivery against policy.

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Treasury Operations Senior Officer
Full Time

Job Purpose

Reporting to the Treasury Operations Manager, this role is responsible for a number of daily processing functions of the dealing operation with particular emphasis on accounting, settlements, confirmations, exposure and excess position monitoring, reconciliations and general systems maintenance across the Treasury transactions function.
The role requires strict adherence to policy, controls and compliance and operating completely
Independently from the front office dealing teams to ensure segregation of duties and dealing records that can be verified through self-governing records. The jobholder is required to work in a specialist area, which is highly regulated, processing high value items under tight operating controls and timescales
Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Accountability: Processing & Controls
Time Split: 60% Outputs:
 Responsible for immediate monitoring and processing of all transactions undertaken by Dealers
 Ensure compliance within Market Operations standards and Audit requirements
 Process transactions through the Treasury trade capture system ( Front Arena ) in a timely manner
 Ensure all source documents and bearer certificates are afforded secure protection and regularly checked for completeness
 Recommend changes to procedures and improve the process environment (through direct management)
 Ensure critical controls (e.g. KYC policy) are being observed
 Periodically, take active participation in snap check processes where allocated
 Resolve snap check findings as allocated
 Reconcile Treasury Suspense Accounts as allocated and resolve outstanding under advice to immediate management
 Check all inward confirmations to office copies and report exceptions
 Ensure prompt dispatch of all manual and SWIFT based confirmations
 Reconcile the Forex Open Position between Front Arena and Modbank every day and follow-up outstanding items promptly
 Provide senior management with MIS for inclusion.
 Maintain error logs and complaint registers and ensure, through senior management pro-active review and resolution
 Prepare returns (where applicable) to Head Office and Regulator for review and sanction by senior Treasury Management

Accountability: Development of Staff
Time Split: 5% Outputs:
 Motivate and drive sharing of best practice
 Provide feedback within teams to ensure knowledge transfer
 Actively participate in reviews and meetings between Front and Back Office staff
A Accountability: Accounting & Reporting
Time Split: 25%
 Outputs:
 Implement local market policies/sanctions etc which could have a direct bearing or change to reporting requirements and ensure these requirements are incorporated in a timely and effective manner
 Control production of all daily settlements and accounting
 Provide support to any ‘off system’ transactions for management review and authorization
 Provide accounting statistics and provision of information to internal divisions, branches, customers and local senior management
 Produce Treasury Returns for statutory and Head Office purposes and assist the Treasurer/Accountant/Finance Division in meeting deadlines for submission
 Provide immediate management with regular file extractions from front arena for accounting and payments each day

Accountability: Systems Maintenance Time Split: 10% Outputs:
 Maintain the trading system Front Arena on a day-to-day basis
 Provide initial input to static data requirements as required
 Exploit reports to provide quality information which identifies the risk positions and profit analysis of the dealing centre
 Liaise with the Treasury Operations Manager to increase and prioritize system capability to meet changing business requirements
 Capitalise on improved functionality and re-engineer processes accordingly
 Exploit reports to provide quality information which identifies the risk positions and profit analysis of the dealing centre
 Liaise with the Treasury Operations Manager to increase and prioritize system capability to meet changing business requirements

Technical skills / Competencies
• A sound technical appreciation of the end-to-end treasury process
• Ability to challenge and not be easily influenced

• A sound understanding of the underlying risks, risk awareness and risk mitigation
• Teamwork
• Risk assessment – assimilation and appraisal of data/information
• Experience gained in a Treasury Processing, Accounting .

Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
(Relating to specialist knowledge and expertise required to undertake the role. May include knowledge of the Bank’s products, services and policies)
• Sound and practical experience of Treasury systems and operational processes
• Thorough comprehension of treasury control requirements, compliance and ethical standards both at dealing and operational support level
• Treasury product knowledge and immediate implications/ impact to business (i.e. risks and accounting)
• Practical experience of current systems and their impact on dealing and operational working practices
• Good understanding of regulatory and head office reporting requirements
• Awareness of the Group Internal Audit function Preferred

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Insurance and Investments Product Manager
Full Time

Job Purpose

• The role holder will be responsible for the design and delivery of Wealth (Insurance & Investment) product lines to achieve the objectives of Wealth business.
• The role holder will be responsible for the delivery of Wealth products strategy in line with customer segmentation strategy.
• The role holder will be responsible for implementing wealth product line strategy to maximize fee income and effectively managing the portfolio.

Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Business Direction
Time split 20%
• Work with Head of Products and Segments to set the strategic direction for the Wealth product portfolio.
• Identify the key lines of cost and income, and the levers we have to control costs and income. Help in setting the strategy according to these levers to achieve the specified Product Line performance targets.
Business Management

Time split 50%
• Meet all sales targets and income targets assigned to each individual product lines.
• Monitor performance of Product Line against key measures. Report results with recommendations about performance.
• Produce regular reporting and stakeholder feedback for all products in line including what the product is, account and customer behavior, key performance indicators (e.g. interest income and margin), key drivers (e.g. pricing) , and changes required to the existing plans to respond to market conditions.
• Work to develop the management information and reporting for both central and local use to support the analysis required for improved product line performance.
• Support in Training & coaching the Relationship Mangers in Wealth products basics, Products features. Customer profiling in order to ensure customer suitability .assist them with lead generation and prospecting.
New Product Development/Amendments to existing products
Time split 30%
• Work with Head of department to generate and manage new product or product amendment ideas at the concept development stage
• Log product ideas for the product line utilizing relevant research (e.g. input from customer insight,…).
• Facilitate planning workshops to produce detailed plans for each product development work stream and manage infrastructure build, test, pilot launch and full launch
• Handover new product to BAU following process and undertake post project review
Technical skills / Competencies
• Proven strategic business awareness
• Strong product management capabilities
• Highly developed analytical skills, problem solving and planning abilities
• Communication skills both written and oral
• Strong numerical skills for calculation of statistics, figures and targets and understanding of product profit drivers
• Strong team player, ability to motivate staff, sell new ideas, build and maintain key relationships, with the ability to influence and guide strategy at senior levels
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
• Knowledge of banking products and the manner in which systems support them.
• A detailed understanding of product offerings in the wider financial services industry.
• A thorough understanding of customer segmentation theory and practice.
• A good understanding of legislation related to financial services and channel delivery
• A detailed knowledge of product profit drivers, with proven experience of income and cost management
• Fully competent on Microsoft Office, especially MS Excel
• Detailed knowledge of consumer buying behavior, marketing techniques and evolving trends
• A detailed understanding of industry, advisory, regulatory and professional bodies
• A comprehensive knowledge of AWB-E products and systems that support them, and a good understanding of AWB Group products.
• A detailed knowledge of AWB strategy and policies
• Exposure to management information systems and how to leverage this for product management
Knowledge, Expertise and Experience
• A first degree (e.g. BA, BSC, B.Comm)
• 5 years of product management experience in an Asset Management or investments products sales / product management in a Bank
• Analytical & Presentation skills
• A business degree (MBA)
• Strategy and planning awareness and techniques
• Influencing and Negotiating Training
• Performance Management training
• Development of segment orientated product offerings
• Utilizing pricing tactics (setting of rates and income recovery) as well as ad hoc product developments to meet product line income targets and balance sheet objectives
• Broadening the product line with new product offerings e.g. improved term insurance products
• Developing and managing line reports.

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