Frequently asked questions regarding the bank rebranding

There will be no difficulties when using any of the items mentioned above. Your cheque books will be valid until your cheque books are fully consumed or if you request these to be replaced. For credit and debit cards, they are valid until their expiry date or replacement due to loss or damage.

Your cheque books, credit and debit cards will still be valid until your books are fully consumed and/or replaced upon your request. For credit and debit cards, they are valid until their expiry date or replacement due to loss or damage.

Of course, the bank’s new logo and name will be placed on the headquarters, branches, all ATM machines, debit cards, credit cards, correspondences, billboards and everything related to the bank will carry the new logo. According to this plan, it is not necessary to change the logo on existing credit and debit cards, until their expiry date.

The bank is studying the market needs and further expansion in the market is one of these, however, the decision to open new branches is subject to the bank strategy and many other factors. There is certainly a great possibility of opening new branches in the near future after conducting the necessary studies and evaluating our customer needs.

Banking transactions will not stop at all and business will be as usual maintaining our normal working hours and days.

ATM services will not stop and will continue to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except with minimal downtime for regular maintenance. The regular maintenance usually takes place late at night, off peak hours and has nothing to do with changing the bank identity and logo.

Attijariwafa bank project financing isn’t related to a specific country. However it is related to a set of rules and regulations that the bank adopts and that are in line with the governance and regulatory authorities of each country. As a valued customer, may improve or speed up the process for you when dealing with any other branch in any of the countries in which Attijariwafa bank operates; all within the legal and regulatory framework of the bank.

Promoting trade cooperation and opening markets to our customers in countries we operate in is one of our top priorities. We will announce the mechanisms and the special channels of communication to make benefit of our initiatives in this domain.

Attijariwafa bank top priority is supporting small and medium enterprises. This is highly supported by having a specialized unit to finance this sector and provide top-notch products & services.