SMEs Overview

Attijariwafa bank Egypt offers you customized solutions to fulfill your financial needs. Whether you are just starting or already running a business, we provide multiple tools and services to run your business effectively and provide you with suitable business advice to grow your corporation.

One of the competitive advantages of banking with Attijariwafa bank Egypt is the outreach. Our highly skilled and experienced teams of professionals are fully accessible to you wherever you are located in Egypt. Attijariwafa bank Egypt SMEs professionals are decentralized and are located in different hubs across the country in Cairo, Alexandria, Delta, Canal & Upper Egypt.

Attijariwafa bank Egypt offers a full bouquet of products and lending programs such as:

  • Fast-track Lending:

We understand the dynamic and fast work nature of Small and Medium Enterprises which usually require to meet urgent financial needs. We are offering Fast-track lending program that is designed to meet the diverse needs of working capital within a short turnaround of  time.

  • Export Finance:

We provide all banking services to support exporters in developing their business through our wide network of correspondents. A dedicated team of specialists will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable financing program and in accordance with the CBE initiative for SMEs enterprises, you may get credit facilities with the lowest decreasing interest rate.

  • CBE Initiatives:

We support your Small and Medium Enterprises by offering subsidized interest rates in accordance with CBE initiatives guidelines.

  • Non-Financial Services:

Provide a range of non-financial services to improve the work environment of Small and Medium Enterprises, youth and entrepreneurs