Attijariwafa Bank Egypt Sponsors the 2nd Edition of El Gouna Film Festival

“Our sponsorship comes in line with the bank’s strategy and vision to support arts and culture in Egypt and we are proud to cooperate with the festival’s prominent organizers.”

Amr Mansi, CEO and Co-Founder of El Gouna Film Festival: “The festival’s inaugural edition has compelled us to carefully select our partners for this year’s edition and we hope to achieve even more success this time around, ultimately strengthening Egypt’s position of leadership in the region.”

Cairo, August 25th 2018: El Gouna Film Festival recently announced their agreement with Attijariwafa Bank Egypt to be the exclusive bank sponsor for the festival’s 2nd edition, which is set to take place from September 20-28, 2018. 

This step comes after careful consideration on the festival’s part, with regards to the bank’s history and prominence in the region. Both parties share a vision that utilizes arts and culture to create an attractive and compelling scene, which will help Egypt regain its pioneering role in the region as a hub of arts and filmmaking.

In this regard, Amr Mansi, CEO and Co-Founder of El Gouna Film Festival, stated: “We are extremely proud of the unprecedented success that the festival’s inaugural edition has achieved. It is what drove us to open our doors to the private sector; to share our success and actively contribute to the achievement of the festival’s direct and indirect objectives.” 

One of the festival’s goals is to reflect Egypt’s stability and to present the country to the world in a prestigious manner; vigorously promoting tourism. The festival aims to act as a catalyst in attracting foreign investments to the country, and to present Egypt as a promising and flourishing market for investors. 

Moreover, Mansi asserted that the exceptional success of the inaugural edition of the festival has strengthened the trust of the festival’s prestigious guests. He expressed his hopes for the second edition to carry all the factors that contributed to their initial success. 

He stressed that the achieved success is the driving force behind their strong efforts; it also encourages them to select the most prominent guests of honour as well as the finest films and programs on the national, Arab, and international scales. 

Mansi also added that the selection of Attijariwafa Bank Egypt as an exclusive bank sponsor came after great consideration of the history of Attijariwafa group in the region, as it aligns with the spirit and objectives of the festival. The group’s interest in arts and culture is an integral part of their social responsibility; which makes this sponsorship an excellent extension to an already ambitious strategy.

On their part, Attijariwafa Bank Egypt stated: “We are excited and hopeful to join the team behind El Gouna Film Festival as a sponsor for its 2nd edition. We are sure that this partnership will be a valuable addition to the efforts and experiences of everyone who is working on the festival’s success.”

Attijariwafa Bank Group has a strong presence and a unique edge in the fields of arts and culture. Hence, the bank is keen on being part of El Gouna Film Festival’s 2nd edition where it hopes it could support all the active experts, especially the younger generations in the Arab region and their counterparts all over the world.