Attijariwafa bank Group’s new institutional website, simplified design and improved user experience

Casablanca, June 27, 2019 – Conscious of a new digital era marked by innovation and hyper-communication due to the internet, the Attijariwafa bank Group is constantly innovating to respond to the new uses and expectations of web users.

Indeed, the Group has redesigned its institutional interface by appropriating the new digital codes to make it a genuine modern, interactive and innovative digital hub. now reflects Attijariwafa bank’s DNA embedded innovation, and reinforces its image as a pan-African banking and financial group, firmly focused on the future.

Modernizing, harmonizing and offering a new digital experience

The Attijariwafa bank group has redesigned its Group corporate digital ecosystem to provide a single point of entry, reorienting the users according to their needs. The goal is to create a harmony in order to integrate a user centric experience, with new advanced technologies inspired by the international trends of the moment.

Advanced technologies for a scalable and responsive platform was built on an application and technology architecture that is one of the most advanced technological solutions, secured and aligned with the Group’s digital transformation.

Strong graphic identity and intuitive ergonomics

The graphic line of the new Web interface embodies the Group’s identity.

The artistic direction displays colors that bring positivity and energy. It has also offered plenty of room for « lifestyle » videos and visuals. A resolutely modern and innovative graphic bias and a colorful universe that brings the Group even closer to its multigenerational audience.

These ergonomic and graphic principles will from now on be used as a reference in terms of the Group’s digital identity and will be rolled out across all of the subsidiaries’ sites in order to create coherence within its digital ecosystem.

An unprecedented editorial approach

The Group has opted for an unprecedented editorial approach with enriched content in order to enhance all the Group’s business lines as well as all the services and innovations it offers. This line meets 3 objectives:

  • Information: to bring clear and simple content to present all the activities and expertise of the Group.
  • Immersion: to immerse visitors in the Group’s universe, its expertise, businesses and commitments.
  • Usefulness: to create meaning through value-added content around the entire range of products and services offered by the Group. is now a robust, scalable and « mobile first » technical platform with a rich content architecture. Finally, and in order to reach the greatest number, the new website is available in 3 languages: Arabic, French and English.

Watch the demo video: