Ministry of Social Solidarity and Attijariwafa bank Egypt Sign Cooperation Protocol to develop 70 service offices for Persons with Disability in 6 Governorates.

 H.E. Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity, signed a cooperation protocol with Attijariwafa Bank Egypt aiming to provide better service offices to empower persons with disabilities. The protocol was signed by Dr. Niven Kabbag; Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity, and Halla Sakr, Managing Director of Attijariwafa bank Egypt.

The protocol aims at developing the direct services for persons with disabilities across 70 offices from a total of 212 across Egypt in 6 governorates namely Cairo, Giza, Qalyubia, Kafr Elsheikh, Menya, and Matruh. The funding of this project also entails automating all the offices across Egypt, providing the network with cross-connectivity and link them centrally to the Ministry.

The three years protocol, aims at improving the service provided to persons with disabilities in Egypt and help them integrate into the society. During the period of the protocol, the bank is expected to finance the project following a pre-designed timeline.

Dr. Niven Kabbag, Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity for Social Protection, said “ The Ministry of Social Solidarity began this year to work in concurrence with President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s directions; announcing 2018 as the “Year for Disability”; which led the ministry to formulate a workforce that works according to an integrated strategy based on several axes. The most important of which is; achieving social justice for those in need, in order to enhance their ability to respond to societal and economic changes, and to enable them to obtain their full rights without discrimination or marginalization, and to achieve the highest rates of inclusion through providing integrated services.

Dr. Niven Kabbag added that disabled persons formulate a large segment of the Egyptian society, and include a number of excelling sportspersons and scientific figures in various fields. It has become necessary to see them as a key part of the work force and human capital in Egypt, and to maximize investing into people. “

“We are proud to be here today to sign a protocol of cooperation with the Ministry to finance part of this initiative, which will be a milestone in the quality and accessibility of services offered to the persons with disabilities in Egypt,” said Halla Sakr, Managing Director of Attijariwafa Bank Egypt. One of the key principles of our citizenship strategy is the economic empowerment of all segments of society and the sustainable economic development. We hope that through this cooperation, Attijariwafa Bank Egypt will help in supporting the state’s direction in increasing the attention to the inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities in Egypt”.

Attijariwafa bank Egypt Managing Director, Halla Sakr, stressed that the Bank adopts a strategy that provide equal opportunities to people with special needs, with job opportunities and summer trainings, in order to benefit from their skills in all sectors. She stated that they are an integral part of the human capital in our bank, and formulate an effective component in the achievements and success of the bank always. She thanked the efforts exerted by the ministry to encourage such important initiatives that allow private sector institutions and the ministry to work together with civil society organizations to help develop the society.